Bardet Biedl Syndrome Life Expectancy

One of the greatest challenges of today is to fight against various viruses and bacteria. These bacteria and viruses cause various dangerous diseases which are destroying the various homes all over the world. When it comes to human brain, it is the central organ which is controlling all the movements we are making, feelings and habits that we are exhibiting. When these diseases are not treated, they can lead to a reduction in your life. Bardet Biedl is also a disease which is closely related to brain disorder.

In Bardet Biedl, the disorder is brain causes various problems which are:

1. Red cone dystrophy – CRD is a retinal degenerative and affects that retina rods and cones deterioration

2. Retina problem – leads to tunnel vision (also called Kalnienk vision) relates to the peripheral vision loss, night blindness (when you may not drive in night or even may not see stars on the clear sky)

3. Extra toes – Polydactyly (it usually runs in families and can be removed using a small surgery)

4. Extra finger – Same as Extra toes and can be removed using a small scale operation.

5. Kidney disease (This is a dangerous issue and put a very bad impact upon your life. As you might be aware that kidneys perform the key role of purifying blood from impurities and if kidneys do not work accordingly, we are more prone to life threatening issues. The quick diagnosis and treatment in this situation is a must.

6. Obesity – Excessive fat accumulates in your body and one of the key factors of short Bardet Biedl Syndrome Life Expectancy.

7. Mental Retardation

8. Male problems such as tiny testes – which produces sperms (tiny testes causes fertility issues in men )

9. Genitalia problems in males

Bardet Biedl Syndrome Life Expectancy

Bardet Biedl is a dangerous disorder and off course result in various abnormalities in a variety of forms. It varies from person to person. However, usually Bardet Biedl Syndrome life expectancy is short. We may not tell with solid grounds that how much the life will be reduced but it all depends upon the complexities of the disease and disorder.

Bardet Biedl Syndrome BBS is a an inherited disease but you will be surprised to read that only 1 out of 179 inherited people get affected with BBS. The fact is that although the parents have recessive gene, they do not exhibit the disorder characteristic or Bardet Biedl Syndrome characteristic.

Couples, who give birth to one Bardet Biedl Syndrome affected child, have ¼ chances that another birth from them will also lead to BBS affected baby. Also, even children will not be affected with BBS, there is a 66.67% chance that each pregnancy will have recessive gene.

So far BBS is not treatable and often doctors are addressing the results of BBS in order to make patient life easier.

Every effort should be made to avoid BBS running into the family. Bardet Biedl Syndrome Life Expectancy is a hot topic and mostly searched term over Google. That is why, keeping in view the people’s demand, we have put together expert knowledge in this short article. Till next time, Bye Bye!